ghalia immobiliaire

projets réalisé


technical Features

– Heat insulation on double outside partition
– Sound insulation on party wall
– Cover ground: the white marble lounge(show): Chamber and cuisine+salle of bath in stoneware in the mass
– wall Cover Bathroom, Shower-room, cooks in earthenware of color 1st choice.
– False ceilings in plaster with ledge in lounges(shows) and bring to room temperature
– Joinery(Joiner’s workshop) = massive noble wooden internal and outside doors and veneer(tackle) stewed beech 1st choice
– fitted out Dressing room: wooden facade beech natural veneer(tackle)
– Joinery(Joiner’s workshop) Aluminum in double glazing on road main thing(head teacher). Deau electric Curtain in the lounge(show).
– Cooking(Kitchen) fitted out, equipped with a hostess and a plate(patch) – marble desk
– individual central air conditioning in ice-cold group of water and ventilo (mark quarryman)
– Équipement toilet and 1st faucet factory choice.
– television broadcasting by cable:

* Dividing grip(taking) in the lounge(show) indicates satellite

*Prise TV UHF in rooms(chambers) and cook

– ADSL Grip(Taking) in the lounge(show).
– Taken telephone in the lounge(show) and the bedroom.
– two elevators for each to mitigate
– Central heating = Radiators and wall boiler (gas)

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